Accessibility Digital Services Policy

IAM is committed to ensuring that our website and digital services are accessible to all users regardless of age, race, gender identity/expression, disability status or another protected class status under applicable law. We strive to create an environment where customers feel safe and included while engaging with us electronically or through any other digital mediums.

We have adopted a comprehensive accessibility policy which extends to all aspects of our website, its content and associated digital services. This policy is designed to ensure that everyone can access our website without any barriers and can use the features offered in a comfortable manner.

We are actively working towards achieving compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (“WCAG”) version 2.1 Level AA as soon as possible. We are making every effort to optimize our webpage for optimal user experience for people with disabilities including visual impairments, motor impairments, hearing impairments and cognitive/intellectual impairments by incorporating features such as high contrast mode, enhanced size font settings and support for assistive technologies like screen readers among others.

We take seriously the feedback we receive from users regarding the design & usability of our website including those related to accessibility concerns. We routinely review our products & services against WCAG standards & make modifications accordingly in order to comply with level AA standards over time wherever feasible & reasonable given current company resources & technical capabilities at hand.

Overall we pledge to provide an accessible and seamless user experience across all digital platforms – so that each person has a right to access all content on the website free from barriers or hindrances in line with applicable legal requirements & international best practices concerning web accessibility requirements.